"You have to believe it IS possible and make it so.

When you make one thing possible, you make it ALL possible."

JB Owen

The Story of The Bike

In 2020, after weeks of being stuck at home, cycling dream team Lady JB Owen and Peter Giesin decided to take action and do something that would bring them back out into the world so they could connect with people in a heart-centered, authentic, and joyful way.

They decided to hop onto their tandem bike and set an incredible cycling goal of 5,000km. They would spend the whole summer traveling and working toward that goal, all while inspiring others on the road and raising money for charity. They did it again last year, reaching an incredible 6,500km and creating lasting connections with many people they met along the way.

A Wealth of Wisdom

Throughout both trips, JB shared the powerful life lessons she learned along the way in moving and inspiring blog posts, which she named Wisdom From the Back of a Bike. In them, she shared motivational messages that uplifted and Ignited readers around the world. Now, those posts, more exciting content, and stories are being compiled into a powerful new book, also titled Wisdom From the Back of a Bike.

"Make a conscious choice to live the fullest, for you, your children, and all the people on this planet. There is no passive position. We can create the life and the world we choose. We can each make our own positive impact."

—JB Owen

Wisdom From the Back of a Bike

Brand New Adventures, Brand New Wisdom

This year, JB and Peter are taking on an exciting new adventure: a 10,000 km Canadian coast-to-coast tour while continuing their charitable fundraising of building schools in Indonesia. They will be filming the Ignite Humanity documentary and Wisdom From the Back of a Bike TV show throughout their travels.

JB’s beloved blog posts are also coming back this summer as she shares the important wisdom she discovers from the back of their tandem bike. These stories are guaranteed to be heartwarming, powerful, and exciting tales about personal development, perseverance, community spirit, embracing change, Igniting humanity, legacy, and many other topics.

We can create the life and the world we choose. We can each make our own positive impact so that all the years to come are of our own making.”

JB Owen

Launches August 18, 2023

The Wisdom From the

Back of a Bike Book

Coming soon: 20-time International Best-Selling author and Publisher JB Owen is writing her next solo book. Wisdom from the Back of a Bike features all the incredible wisdom she has learned from her experience cycling incredible distances, meeting new people, and challenging herself like never before.

The book contains insight from the blog posts, plus even more content, including never before seen stories and chapters from JB’s experiences. With a new summer of adventures coming this summer, 2022, Wisdom From the Back of a Bike contains three summers worth of uplifting, inspiring, motivating, and transformational stories to Ignite you.

The Wisdom From the Back of a Bike TV Show

As JB and Peter embark on their 2022 cycling trip, JB will begin filming for the Wisdom From the Back of a Bike TV show! This will catalog their cycling trip, including all the crazy adventures, new friends, and exciting moments they share throughout the summer.

Stay Tuned! More details about the book and TV show are coming soon!

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